01 Get Off Of This Train - feat. Stephen Ackles
02 Coal Mine Town - music video
03 Railroad Line - feat. Tone Silvia Holen
04 Miners Blues - music video
05 Hills
06 Long Journey Home - feat. Tore Andersen
07 Guess She Just Forgot
08 Belle Of The Backstreets
09 Highways and Backroads
10 Dunderland Iron Ore Company - feat. Tove Bøygard
11 We Shall Meet Someday - feat. Paal Flaata

Guest musicians:
Knut Hem - dobro
Øystein Fosshagen - fiddle, mandolin
Pål Emil Berg - percussion
Stian Sveen - mandolin chops

Produced and arranged by MMB and Ernst Nikolaisen (WH Studios)
Mastering done by Morten Lund at Lunds Lyd

Artwork and cover layout by Gunnar Knutsen/Tumblewine Films
Band photos by Bjørn Magnussen
Studio photos by Ernst Nikolaisen and Gitte Johannessen
Other photos by Bjørn Nilsen
Supported by Fund for Performing Artists (FFUK)

1-4 + 8-10 written by Bjørn Nilsen
5-6 + 11 written/arr. by MMB
7 written by Nilsen/Finnigan

© 2012 MMB/Rootsy.nu (ROOTSY 043)
Formats: DigiPack CD w/12 page booklet + DL (iTunes etc.)


01 Lonesome Road Blues
02 Stay At Home And Drink
03 48 Hours Ago
04 Shine On
05 Swamp Ride
06 Damn That Woman
07 Mountain Home
08 Ragged And Dirty
09 The Marshall Plan
10 Wreck On The Highway
11 Beyond Now

Produced, recorded and mixed by Olav Lystrup Thesen at Shabby Road Studio
Arranged by Marshall Monrad Band
Mastering done by Morten Lund at Masterhuset
Artwork and cover layout by Kjetil Bendiksen
Band photos by Merete Eide

1, 4, 8, 10 Trad arr. MMB
2, 3, 5, 6, 11 written by Bjørn Nilsen
5 written by Joachim Svendsen/MMB
9 written by Cato Monrad/MMB

© 2009 Rundbrenner Records (RR 018)
Distribution: Bare Bra Musikk
Formats: CD w/4 page booklet + DL (iTunes etc.)